Oversized Posters

Oversized posters can be printed on a variety of poster material and finished with a gloss or matte look. It can

be mounted and laminated and can be used for a wide variety of indoor or outdoor graphics.



• Frontlit Signage

• POP & Posters

• Temporary Signage

• Indoor Graphics

• Photographic Prints

• Tradeshow Graphics

Need some durable posters for your marketing campaign? The smooth finish of gloss or matte posters will

make every color and detail clearly visible on display. Made with durable material, we guarantee high-quality

print results on our oversized posters.

Finishing services for oversized posters include lamination for added protection and for long-term use. For

more durability, you can choose to mount the posters on the following materials: foam board, gator board, or

sintra board. Every print is so refined that even photos can be printed up to 100 ft. in height.