Two-Sided Lamination

Two-sided lamination is the most common process for preserving and protecting paper, while simultaneously giving the paper a professional finish for presentation.
Two-sided lamination has several variables: trim, film thickness & film finish.


Standard or Sealed - has a 1/8" film border around the entire edge of the paper.

Flush - is where the lamination is trimmed right to the edge of the paper.

Other trims are available upon request.

Film Thickness

1.7 mil -adds gloss and light protection to paper but leaves it very flexible.

3.0 mil – less rigid and thinner than a standard business card

5.0 mil – rigid and thick as playing cards

10.0 mil – rigid and thick as a credit card

*Note that the thickness of the finished product also varies according to the thickness of the material being laminated.

Film Finish
  • Gloss: The most common, low cost film, with a clear shiny finish
  • Satin Luster: A more costly film with a low gloss sheen finish
  • Matte: Also a higher priced film with a glare free, no gloss finish
  • Matte Gloss Combo: A cost effective way of obtaining a two-sided lamination with the benefits of a matte finish on the front side and the cost savings of a gloss finish on the backside

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